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کاربرد افعال مجهول به زمان‌ های مختلف در زبان انگلیسی
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نویسنده: محمد اشرفی
8 تیر 1401

کاربرد افعال مجهول به زمان‌ های مختلف در زبان انگلیسی

استفاده از جمله مجهول (passive voice)

در جمله مجهول، مفعول جمله اکتیو تبدیل به فاعل می شود. سپس باید از فعل be در زمان مورد نیاز خود استفاده کرده و پس از آن حالت گذشته فعل اصلی را اضافه کنیم. در جمله مجهول مفعول، فاعل گیرنده فعل است نه فاعل فعل. برای فهم بیشتر موضوع به مثال‌های زیر توجه کنید.

دوره های آموزش زبان انگلیسی

دوره های حضوری انگلیسی ایرانمهر
دوره حضوری  آموزش زبان انگلیسی برای کودکان
دوره حضوری آموزش زبان انگلیسی برای نوجوانان
دوره حضوری آموزش زبان انگلیسی برای بزرگسالان

They take the photos in Africa. (active)

The photos are taken in Africa. (passive)

نحوه استفاده از افعال مجهول با زمان های مختلف را می‌توانید در جدول زیر مشاهده می کنید.

زمان افعال

معلوم یا اکتیو


جمله معلوم

جمله مجهول

Simple present


is kept

I keep the butter in the fridge.

The butter is kept in the fridge.

Present continuous

is keeping

is being kept

John is keeping my house tidy.

My house is being kept tidy.

Simple past


was kept

Mary kept her schedule meticulously.

Mary’s schedule was kept meticulously.

Past continuous

was keeping

was being kept

The theater was keeping a seat for you.

A seat was being kept for you.

Present perfect

have kept

have been kept

I have kept all your old letters.

All your old letters have been kept.

Past perfect

had kept

had been kept

He had kept up his training regimen for a month.

His training regimen had been kept up for a month.

Simple Future

will keep

will be kept

Mark will keep the ficus.

The ficus will be kept.

Conditional Present

would keep

would be kept

If you told me, I would keep your secret.

If you told me, your secret would be kept.

Conditional Past

would have kept

would have been kept

I would have kept your bicycle here if you had left it with me.

Your bicycle would have been kept here if you had left it with me.

Present Infinitive

to keep

to be kept

She wants to keep the book.

The book wants to be kept.

Perfect Infinitive

to have kept

to have been kept

Judy was happy to have kept the puppy.

The puppy was happy to have been kept.

Present Participle & Gerund


being kept

I have a feeling that you may be keeping a secret.

I have a feeling that a secret may be being kept.

Perfect Participle

having kept

having been kept

Having kept the bird in a cage for so long, Jade wasn’t sure it could survive in the wild.

The bird, having been kept in a cage for so long, might not survive in the wild.

چه زمانی از حالت مجهول استفاده کنیم؟

کاربرد افعال مجهول به زمان های مختلف در زبان انگلیسی

در زبان انگلیسی، زمانی که نمی‌دانیم چه کسی انجام دهنده کار است یا نمی‌خواهیم بگوییم که چه کسی کار را انجام داده است یا کار توسط چه چیزی انجام شده است، از حالت مجهول استفاده می‌کنیم. مثال‌های زیر با دقت ملاحظه کنید.

A bank was robbed yesterday. (=We don’t know who robbed the bank.)

He was arrested last night. (=It’s obvious that the police arrested him.)

I have been told that you insulted my brother. (=I don’t want to say who told me.)

Jurassic Park was filmed by Spielberg in 1993. (=I’m talking about Jurassic Park and not about Spielberg.)

بیشتر بخوانید:استفاده از افعال مجهول در اخبار و نگارش رسمی


The report _______ two days ago.

This kind of job used _______ only by professionals in the past.

They hated _______ mercenaries, but that's what they were.

The new product _______ by the FDA.

Why _______ about the meeting yesterday?

When we arrived the car _______.

_______ soon? Do you think you'll get the job?

Lots of free gifts _______ away among the participants.

The school _______ accommodation for the students.

She _______ of the accident yet.

She _______ of the accident yet.

She _______ of the accident yet.

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